Our ITC-005 Infrared Wireless People Counter / Visitor Counter is an electronic device that is use to measure the number of people traversing a certain passage or entrance. Retail owners & event planners rely on visitor statistics to measure the effectiveness of their current marketing campaign. They can know the percentage of total visitors versus the number that make purchases.

Retailers using our People Counter / Visitor Counter to determine sales to customer ratio and peak customer traffic times from hourly, daily, weekly or monthly perspective.

Libraries also use our People Counter / Visitor Counter for automatic counting of their visitors and to keep track of their peak hours for operational purposes.
Advantages of our ITC-005 Infrared Wireless People Counter / Visitor Counter

1) Wider Range - It can be deployed for entrance or gate up to 40 meters wide.
2) LCD Screen - DATA is displayed on LCD screen with IN and OUT DATA.
3) Battery Capacity - As this is battery powered, the AA battery can work up to 1.5 year continuously. Customers can replace by themselves with 1.5V - 3.6V AA batteries,
4) Strong Anti-light Ability - Greatly decreases the counting error affected by light thus resulting in higher accuracy rate.
5)Strong Glass Door Penetration - It is able to work well behind an open glass door.
6) Confidential DATA Transfer - TX-RX transferring of DATA to receiver is strongly encrypted.