Wireless CCTV Camera Systems
HD Video Transmitted without Wire!
Wireless CCTV camera system for your lovely home & busy office, recorded in High Definition HD video quality. Superior video image quality wirelessly transmitted from CCTV camera to recorder which allows you to closely follow details & images of your property. High quality video live viewing even though its wireless.

Up to 90% Cables Eliminated!
For video surveillance applications, the wireless technology in this Wireless CCTV System offers a flexible, cost effective and much quicker way to deploy CCTV cameras. No more need for the signal cables which have to run all over your place, no more need to pull cables through the ground or walls and definitely won't spoil the decoration of your beautiful home or office.

Store Your Records Safely for Long Period!
Unlike those simple IP cameras that can be found in electronic stores which can only keep video records in an easily damaged SD card for a few days, our wireless CCTV systems can keep HD video records in a durable Hard Disk inside the recorder for up to 60 days.
Places where our client deployed the Wireless CCTV Camera Systems